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Start your career in Germany today! We offer a secure future with outstanding prospects for general nurses, an optimum working environment and exciting tasks.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Excellent! Because we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

If you’re planning to come and work in Germany, please remember all the necessary documents such as your passport, biometric passport photos, proof of languages, your CV, translated and certified documents, relevant vaccinations and financial reserves. Please note that the earliest possible date you can start work depends on a variety of external factors, and so we do not predict when you will be able to start with us.

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Emigrating to Germany can be quite a complicated undertaking. Here are a few useful websites with further information on working and living in Germany.

Visa information

Information on recognition of certificates or on the recognition process


We expect you’ll have lots of questions if you’re considering a new job in Germany.
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked ones.

Can I apply for a job with you from abroad?

Yes, of course.

What documents/conditions do I need if I want to apply to you?

You will find this detailed in the job description.

Do you support the accelerated procedure for skilled workers?

For trainees and auxiliaries: No.

For skilled workers and skilled workers in recognition Yes. The costs are borne by the applicant.

Can my relative/boy or girlfriend/friend living in Germany ask for information on my application status?

Yes, they can do that. This is provided that they have proof of the applicant’s and authorised representative’s identity and a power of attorney signed by the applicant with details of the authorisation.

Do I need travel health insurance?


Will I be given accommodation? What kind of accommodation will it be?

Yes; for the initial period you will be given a room, a double room, shared accommodation or similar.

How will I get to the facility? Will I be picked up?

Collection will be organised, and the information on this will be provided with your travel details.

Will I be supported when dealing with the authorities?

Yes, of course we will help you with this.

Will I be supported with my professional recognition?

Yes, we’ll help you with this as well.

Will I receive support for further linguistic development?

We’ll also help you with this, of course.

Do I need to bring work clothes with me?

We advise it, yes. Please make sure that the laundry can be washed at 60°C. White trousers and T-shirts are best.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No, we regret this is not possible to begin with. Once you have your own apartment, you are welcome to.

Who will be my contact person at the residence?

Please ask the residence management this when you arrive.

When and how can I bring my family to Germany?

Once you have your recognition. Our integration officers will help you with this.

When and how does the professional recognition start?

You will receive information on this from our integration officers before you arrive.

When and how can I contact my family on a regular basis (Internet, German mobile number)?

Your best option is to buy a German mobile phone card with enough data volume as soon as you arrive.

What do I need to bring with me (“arrival luggage”)? What is the maximum I can bring with me?

Please bring a maximum of 2 cases, and only clothing.